Coventry Jets 27 – 14 Yorkshire Rams

Posted on 27th May 15


Written by Mark Gaze


In a battle of two teams that were struggling to find a win, this one was always going to be an interesting match-up but ultimately it was the home team that took the victory.

The Rams defence stopped the Jets’ first drive successfully but the offence once again struggled with early game nerves and a bad snap gave the ball back to the home team. This turned out to be a welcome bonus for the Rams though, as the ball was picked off by James Hudson who shocked the sideline with his pace and took the ball all the way into the endzone for an early Rams lead, the 2 point conversion was run in despite a flag being thrown and the Rams were leading for the first time since the first game of the season, 8-0.

Again the Rams defence kept the Jets’ in check and the ball was given back to the away side but the drive would end with 4th down deep in Rams territory and another wayward snap allowed the Jets to score a TD and add the extra point to go into the 2nd quarter at 8-7 to Yorkshire.

The momentum was then with the home team and they made it count when their Running Back received a short pass and took it 70+ yards for the touchdown and then running the ball into the endzone from inside the redzone on their next drive after an interception. The Jets couldn’t add any point-afters though and the score was 19-8. The Rams still had time to get back in the game before the half though and a big run from Elliot Jackson put them in great field position but a fantastic diving interception brought the drive to an end and that was the half time scoreline.

Coming out for the second half, the Rams needed a big drive from the kickoff and were given a good starting position with Chris Lawton’s return but again the offence struggled to get anything done. A couple more picks by the Jets’ defence compounded the misery for the Rams and Coventry extended their lead to 27-8 and as the 3rd quarter came to a close, it looked unlikely that there would be a Rams comeback.

Into the fourth quarter and the Rams O would finally find some success as a short pass was completed from QB Mark Gaze to Ross Hammond which set up a long run by Daunté Wint-Angus that went for a touchdown thanks to some solid blocking from Wide Receiver, Jake Caines. This was the first offensive TD the Rams have scored since the win over the Predators on the opening day. The 2PAT was unsuccessful though and the score finished 27-14.

The Rams are back in action this Sunday (31st May) against top of the division Tamworth Phoenix and will be hoping for improvements and to stamp out the mistakes that have plagued them in the last few games.