What it takes to be a Ram

By joining the Yorkshire Rams you become part of a proud history of players.

We are a family club, founded in 1987, built by families since its formation. We support these family values to this day by actively promoting a welcoming, inclusive and positive environment all the way through the club. We ask that all players support and respect these values as they develop their careers in the sport.

When you join the Rams you become a member of the family.

Like any family we are fiercely proud of our heritage, utterly loyal, supportive, respectful and conscientious. We expect that every player is respectful to, and willing to work to uphold, the teams’ heritage by learning the playbook, attending organised team activities (OTA’s) and most importantly attending training!

We recognise that success and respect is not handed out, it is earned.

  • Players earn respect from the coaches by attending training, training hard but fairly, learning our playbooks and being organised and attentive during training.
  • Yorkshire Rams earn respect from our opposition by playing hard but fairly, presenting a strong uniform brand and being organised on gamedays.
  • Players must recognise that if they lose the respect of coaches and fellow players by not attending training or not knowing the playbook then you will not play!

What does it take to be a Ram?


To training, learning the playbook and preparing your body physically and mentally outside of organised training sessions.


By being prompt to training sessions and games, attending OTA’s and managing your own learning.


To train, recover, eat well, learn and develop not only as a player but as a member of a team.

We are confident in our ability to teach this game to anyone who demonstrates the three characteristics above. Mistakes occur and are an integral part of the learning process. We only ask that you are willing to try, and learn from mistakes made.