Equipment Policy

It is universally accepted that this team must improve its image on and off the field. We are working hard to improve your gameday experience and the coaches are now required to follow a sideline attire policy.

Your part: we will follow NCAA rules regarding team wear.*

This means the following;

  • Ancillary ‘field fashion’ such as boots, gloves, socks, undershirts, bicep bands, shivers, hand warmers, towels, skull caps, leggings etc must conform to NCAA team wear regulations.
  • Conforming colours are as follows;
    • Gold
    • Black
    • White
    • Grey
  • Note: Socks MUST be Black

Punishment for non-conformity will be £1 per item per game. All fines must be paid before the next game or you will miss the first drive of that game. All fines collected will be added to a pot for training equipment the following season OR donated to a charity decided upon by the committee.

Once again this policy has been developed using similar documents from leading teams in the country. Image is everything, it can drastically improve the impression we make on prospective rookies and supporters.

* Pink attire will not be allowed unless you can prove that you are raising money for breast cancer awareness. This very worthwhile cause has become an exercise in field fashion in the UK when it should be about the charity.