Rookie Watch – Cornerback, Tom Wilkinson

Posted on 16th April 15

In this “Rookie Watch” series we will get to know some of the Yorkshire Rams new, up-and-coming players, today it’s Rookie Cornerback, Tom Wilkinson.

Tom Wilkinson

Name: Tom Wilkinson
Position: Cornerback
Number: #19
Height: 6′ 1″
Weight: 185lbs
NFL team: Detroit Lions
Experience: Rookie






What is your greatest personal achievement?
Leaving the South to become Northern.

What is your favourite Rams moment so far?
No games so far, but watching everyone regardless of experience give it everything at training camp, and then comparing injuries and bruises after!

Any advice for the other rookies?
Firstly, watch as much pro/college tape as possible. Not just 98 yard touchdown runs, but every snap players take in a game. See when top players get beaten, and try and think about what they should have done differently.

Secondly, why not you?

How about advice for any youngsters aspiring to play senior football?
It’s easy to be worried about people’s size if you just look at them from the outside. When you take contact and realise you survived it, get back up and you’ll be hitting them even harder next time.

What’s on your pre-game soundtrack?
Two Nero remixes at the moment – Ghosts N’ Stuff (Deadmau5) and The Recluse (Plan B). Anything with a heavy enough bass line to get me going.

What do you eat the evening before a game?
Chicken and pasta.

What would you say is your biggest inspiration?
Usain Bolt. Regardless of injury or form, when it comes to the big stage he delivers.

In the football world, Charles Woodson. When the ball is thrown, it’s his ball not the receiver’s.

Favourite Quote:
“Remember why you started”