New Format for 2015 BAFANL Season

Posted on 10th November 14

The Rams will be playing in a new look league for 2015 after a review of the structure led to changes to increase competition.

For the last few years the Premiership teams have competed in a 10 team division with the top 4 of each division going into the playoffs against each other. The teams played each other once which led to a 9 game season last time out.

The new league format will see the creation of two new conferences, namely the Northern Football Conference (NFC) and the Southern Football Conference (SFC). Each of these conferences will contain a 6 team Premier Division in which all teams will play their rivals home and away. The top 2 teams in each of the Premier Divisions will then play each other (1st in the NFC Premier v 2nd SFC Premier and vice versa) in the post-season, the winners of each “semi final” will then face off in the BritBowl.

There will be two other levels in each conference, NFC1 and NFC2 in the North, these will have a new structure and the lowest ranked team in the NFC Premier will be relegated to NFC1.

Based on last years performances, the line up of the Premier Divisions will be:

NFC Premier

East Kilbride Pirates

Tamworth Phoenix

Lancashire Wolverines

Coventry Jets

Yorkshire Rams

Sheffield Predators

SFC Premier

London Warriors

London Blitz

Bristol Aztecs

London Olympians

Berkshire Renegades

South Wales Warriors

For more information on this and the structure of the lower divisions, see the in depth article at Double Coverage here