Off the Gridiron – Christian Davies

Posted on 31st March 17

While football is a passion for the Yorkshire Rams, like all UK teams we are made up of part-time players.

We thought we would spend the pre-season build-up looking at some of the squad’s more interesting projects away from the field.

Next up is wide receiver Christian Davies and his band, Books.

Christian made an immediate impact for the Rams after joining the team last season, but a broken ankle in our final regular-season game against the Edinburgh Wolves, right, left him at a loss in the off-season – until music filled the void.

“The summer was pretty boring for me,” he said. “I pretty much just stayed at home, watched the Olympics and created a new band.

“It was one of the few things I could do with only one leg, just sat on the sofa and played some music. It’s quite different from what I’ve played in the past, it’s heavy rock kind of stuff, fast-paced, a bit of distortion.

“In school I played in a sort of pop-rock band, a bit more ‘chorus-y’, a bit more teeny-bop, but I’m bigger and stronger now and ready for some grunge, some dirty stuff!”

Christian plays guitar in the trio, completed by vocalist and fellow guitarist Alex Pearson and drummer James Locke.

He returned for pre-season in a training vest scrawled with the band’s name (“repping some merch at the moment!”, he said with a laugh) and is keen to get the word out – indeed, listen out for some possible airplay at the John Charles Centre this season.

“We’ve got some stuff online if you want to check it out,” he said. “Books, on Facebook, there’s a couple of tracks up.

“I’m hoping to get some of the tracks played on gameday, I’m going to speak to the coach and see if we can get them through the tannoy, some publicity!”

You can listen to some of Books’ work on the Facebook page linked above, while there are tracks available to download from their page on Bandcamp.