Meet the Team – Player’s Representative, Jacob Harrison

Posted on 21st January 15

In this “Meet the Team” series we will get to know some of the Yorkshire Rams playing and coaching staff, this week it’s your Player’s Representative, the ever modest Jacob Harrison.

Jacob Harrison

Name: Jacob Harrison
Position: Middle Linebacker/Defensive End
Number: #57
Height: 6′
Weight: 227lbs
NFL team: Seattle Seahawks
Experience: 1 and a half years






What is your greatest personal achievement?
My greatest personal achievement happens every time I walk over to the weights rack and everybody moves out of my way and immediately recognises me as the alpha.

What is your greatest achievement with the Rams?
Last year when we played Gateshead. We just all had a fantastic day, everyone played good, everyone felt good (until I snapped 3 ankle ligaments) but the vibe was just amazing and we all had a good time. If you feel good, you play good!

Any advice for this year’s rookies?
Train hard, Play harder

How about advice for any youngsters aspiring to play senior football?
Buy some glucosamine. Your joints will thank you.

What’s on your pre-game soundtrack?
Clouds – Chained to a Dead Camel

This is the only track I need, on replay. It’s techno that I dare say was forged in the fires of hell. If you can listen to this track without wanting to run head first into a wall, you’ve probably got something wrong with your brain.

What do you eat the evening before a game?
The same thing I eat everyday. Pasta & chicken.

What would you say is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is watching replays of Kam Chancellors hits, the guy is a walking hit stick. He’s an absolute machine, somebody as big as a linebacker playing safety can inspire anyone!

Favourite Quote:
“Look good, feel good, play good”

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