Glasgow Tigers 0 Yorkshire Rams 10

Posted on 3rd May 18

The Rams faced a long journey to Scotland for their first game on the road in 2018 looking to continue their unbeaten start to the season.

The game kicked off in bright, spring weather as the Rams Offence were given the ball to start the game but couldn’t continue the good form that they showed in the season opener against the Leeds Bobcats. The home side also struggled and after punting the ball back, the Tigers were put under pressure as Dan Haywood connected with Christian Davies on a long pass to put the Rams in the redzone, a penalty stopped Chris Peel in his tracks as he looked for a typical short, hard-hitting run to finish the drive but on the next play, Haywood once again connected with Davies who had 3 attempts at securing the ball before holding on and adding 6 points to the scoreboard. A Jeff Quartey PAT attempt was blocked and landed in the arms of Keimar Stuart who turned it into an extra 2 points.

The teams traded punts as both struggled to get a foothold in the game, which would turn out to be a common theme throughout the day. A Dan Haywood punt would pin the Tigers inside their 5 yard line and when a penalty took them even closer to their own goal-line and when they snapped the ball, a QB scramble was stopped in the endzone by Lysander Code and the Rams added a 2 point Safety.

The home side’s offence tried to move the ball in the air but an errant pass was grabbed by Ross Hammond for the interception and the Rams had another chance to score before half-time but were unable to take advantage.


Not a lot changed in the early second half but when Keimar Stuart fumbled the ball, the Tigers got it close to the Rams endzone and the Yorkshire side’s unbeaten defence was under threat. But as they invariably do, they took the ball back from the opposition as James Lewsley intercepted the ball in the corner of the endzone.

The teams moved the ball well for the rest of the half but neither could finish a drive and a big pass from Ben Green to Keimar Stuart, who acrobatically caught the ball above his head, was the highlight of the half. The Tigers had a Field Goal attempt late in the game but it was just wide and the Rams knelt out the game to preserve a zero in the points against and move to 2-0.

Rams MVPs

Offensive: Christian Davies

Defensive: Ross Hammond

Coaches’: Jacob Barnor

Ram of the Day: Chris Lawton