‘Another barrier broken’ – Britball hails Lil Bush

Posted on 30th June 17

Praise has been pouring in this week after Rams quarterback Lil Bush made British American football history last Sunday.

Our 34-14 win over the Doncaster Mustangs saw Bush become, to the best of our knowledge, the first female player to score points in the BAFA National Leagues when she completed a pass to Spencer Whybrow for a two-point conversion.

And from Monday there was a host of reaction, led by Britball website Double Coverage, whose lead story reported her achievement in parallel with that of the Great Britain women’s team in opening their World Championship campaign with a win over European champions Finland on Saturday:

National team player Robyn Steward even took the time, while preparing in Canada for game two against the host nation, to congratulate Lil via Facebook and proclaim herself “super proud”.

DC also gave Lil an “honourable mention” in their weekly Good Week/Bad Week round-up – with the main column again led off by Steward and Co – and later in the week featured her in their video news review “The Scoop”. Lil makes her appearance at 2:14 in this clip.

Another widely-followed, if tongue-in-cheek, source of information on the game in this country is the Facebook page UK Gridiron Memes, who took a break from their typical approach (as noted by Lil, though the asterisks have been added!) to acknowledge the occasion:

The achievement earned Lil our Rookie of the Day award, catching the attention of Eloise Walsh – another of the small band of female players in the National Leagues, and an opponent of the Rams this Saturday as her Manchester Titans head to the John Charles Stadium for the big evening kick-off:

Finally, there was warm praise from NFC1 South side the Leicester Falcons:

Our thanks to all who took the time to acknowledge this memorable moment for the Rams and, one last time, well done Lil!